Friday, June 7, 2013

television paranormal investigators

i know what i’m about to write may pick up some flak. but i  like to bring up it up.
as you know there are a lot of paranormal investigation shows on television. now some of them i feel are really out there trying to investigate the unknown.  and helping people. and such shows i commend for their actions. the investigators are out there. trying to help people. but then there are those investigators out there just for show. trying to land an acting career. or gaining a career in the media.
well if that was the reason why they got into it. more power to them.
but in the end i don’t think paranormal investigation and  an acting career don’t mix. in the end. it will discredit your ability to be investigator.
i am not knocking celebrities having experiences. i watch celebrity ghost stories on bio channel. and i do believe it. 
i just not crazy about an investigator who does it to get an acting career. and think they can still investigate. to any i warn them. if you do this to get  a job as an actor. fine. but i hope you give up paranormal investigation.
spirits aren’t stupid. if  you think they don’t like you as an investigator poking into  their dwelling place. they will like you less as a celebrity. especially if you are doing it for the limelight. you will become more of a target. so please choose one or the other.
other than that. paranormal investigation on television if treated as a documentary. is an effective tool to get the public aware of those things beyond nature.

Monday, June 3, 2013

not seeing spirits? you can!

 i write this for those who like myself had trouble in seeing spirits. especially spirit keepers.
at first i hardly saw them. despite my long time relationship with my succubus. my other entities never showed themselves. then i learned the best way you can start a relationship with them is like in any relationship is to talked to them. that's right just talk to them.
then as you feel comfortable. and feel at peace. you begin to meditate with them just by holding their vessels. in your hands. and just opened to what you are feeling. the shape and texture of the vessel. just be aware of them. do you feel a vibration, a electrical charge, warmth, etc.
if you feel nothing. don't worry. it takes time.
you do this several days when you can.
when i did all this. i felt a change in my spirits. i think by doing this they needed to feel me out. and after this. they began to manifest themselves as orbs, flashes and streaks of light, partial apparitions to full body ones occasionally.
but this took time and patience.
i hope this helps anybody who has issues.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

seeing spirits

about seeing spirits. i see mine all the time both in my mind and with my eyes. sometimes i see them as they manifest themselves as orbs, apparitions, etc.
not bragging. i had to work on it through meditation constantly. and just by talking to them. and not just in my mind. i talk to them.
i think anyone can see spirits. it's just that part of our conscience, our awareness, our minds are  closed. perhaps because it would interfere with us existing in the physical world. however we are also meant to open it as well.